Sunday 30 April 2017

'Crazy driving' at Gormanston beach

TRAFFIC PROBLEMS, donuts, speeding, learner drivers – all are reasons to stay away from Gormanston beach currently!

The level of anti-social behaviour on this stretch of the Meath coastline has to be seen to be believed, according to Cllr Eoin Holmes.

'I recently saw a mother pack up her car and take her five children away from this beach due to the high level of crazy driving! There are learner drivers, boy racers, ferocious showing off – and I even saw a Hiace van doing donuts in the sand!'

Culprits cannot be caught, despite Gardai arriving on the scene in response to calls from other beach users.

Cllr Holmes lays the blame on the fact that there are three exits off Gormanston beach.

'Can't we just close off one or two exits so as to trap the speeders? You see, when the Gardai arrive in one gate, these guys just exit through another.'

Pointing out that the Council cannot just close up Rights of Way, Area Administrator Eugene Farrelly said that he would contact the Gardai in Ashbourne about the matter.

The parking situation at Bettystown beach was raised by Cllr Seamus O'Neill who said that beach users are parking indiscrimately and are blocking house entrances in the process.

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