Wednesday 27 August 2014

Boomerang receives special delivery from the US – $5,000!

Alison Comyn

Published 09/04/2014 | 05:28

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Tony Browne, Catriona Culligan, Anita O’Shea, Michael Deasy, Sr. Agnes and David Pendlebury with the cheque for €3,650 for the Boomerang Cafe from the Million Dollar Round Table Foundation in America.

THERE HAS been a funding boost for the Boomerang Youth Cafe – all the way from the United States of America!

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THERE HAS been a funding boost for the Boomerang Youth Cafe – all the way from the United States of America!

Thanks to local financial advisor Michael Deasy, $5,000 was handed over to the Drogheda Youth Cafe all the way from Illinois!

Michael is on the Board of Management at Boomerang and used his extensive connections with an organisation called the MDRT Foundation to receive a grant.

'This is quite unique as they have only given two or three grants this side of the world before,' said Michael, who is director of Deasy Financial Advisors on the Dublin Road.

'It is certainly the first in the North East and I feel very honoured to be the first Financial Advisor to be granted a fund.'

The foundation, which stands for Million Dollar Round Table, is massive in the United States and donates grants worth millions of dollars each year.

'I wasn't sure if they would even consider our application, but I thought, nothing ventured, nothing gained and applied for whatever they would give us,' he said.

'It excellent to be in a position to assist in giving back to the local community.'

Working with Catrina Culligan of Boomerang, Michael sent a detailed presentation to the foundation by email and they were very impressed with the centre's work.

'I sold it on the service that is provided to the youth of the town, which was so badly needed over the years', he explained. 'The foundation does a lot of work in inner city parts of the States, including a huge amount of work in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina hit.'

The cheque was presented in the cafe last Friday and thankfully arrived while the rate is quite strong!

'Unfortunately I can't apply again for another year, so I will have to get the thinking cap on for another source,' he said with a smile.

'Meanwhile, I have invited the foundation to visit us in Drogheda – they can't pronounce it, but that doesn't matter as long as they give us more money!'

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