Bollards prevent tragedy after crash outside pub

Published 02/10/2013 | 05:28

The mangled bollards on the pavement outside Darby O’Gill’s pub on Laurence Street.

A LAURENCE Street publican has said protective bollards outside his pub saved a tragedy from happening last Thursday night.

A vehicle smashed into them, flattening them both, and although it mounted the pavement, didn't go any further.

Shocked locals saw the aftermath of the incident on Friday as council employees repaired the damage. Part of the bumper was left at the scene.

'It was pure luck really,' said Decky Lynch from Darby O'Gill's Irish pub.

His front door was directly in the line of fire of the crash.

'There is no doubt the bollards did their job and stopped a tragedy that night,' he stated.

A female driver was arrested at the scene.

Drogheda Independent

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