Tuesday 26 September 2017

'All we want for Christmas is for somebody to listen'


THE RESIDENTS of an unfinished apartment development want one thing this Christmas - somebody to simply sit down with them and say 'yes, we care'.

The Bettystown Town Centre development has lain idle for years, but 2013 must be the year when that changes.

'It is time we were listened to and we want real action taken in relation to this development,' Ivor Kenny, chairman and company director of Bettystown Town Centre management Ltd, stated.

He took on the role last June, simply because he cares enough about the situation – because he lives there.

'I bought here for €275,000 and now my home is worth about €100,000. You don't want to think about those figures for too long, but we are all in the same boat. You have to live with it.'

The developers have long been off site, leaving an image of decay behind them.

Massive buildings are half finished, scaffolding everywhere. The iconic centre of the development, the Bettystown Court Hotel, is closed. The majority of the retail outlets on the lower floors are empty.

How the residents have been left is truly shocking.

' The time has come for everybody involved in this to sit down and sort out what is going to happen here.

' There are things that can be done with little expense, tidying up the disused shop fronts, repairing damage to some areas, making the hoardings safer, tackling the health and safety issues in relation to the site.

'Everyone must be prepared to play a part.'

Hundreds of residents are affected, but seemingly have nowhere to turn.

'I took on the chairman's role because things needed to change. Getting the fees from people was tough, but we couldn't just give in.

' There is a little bit more confidence now that something is being done,' he said.