Thursday 19 October 2017

The Moore family

I WAS reading a great piece from many moons ago about a husband and wife who were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.

John Moore from Magdalene Street was born in 1861 and at the age of 21 he walked down the aisle in St Peter's with his 17-yearold bride, Annie.

60 years later they had 11 children, 50 grandchildren and a dozen great grandchildren.

No doubt there's great, great and even great grandchildren around Drogheda now!

John played GAA with the county, recalled the Fenian Rising and worked as a weaver for 30 years in Boyne Mills. His son, John, was a theatre producer.

Going back many decades, the likes of Mrs Phyllis Seagrave, Aidan and Bobby Moore and Kenneth Matthews were all grandchildren.

I'm sure the story continues.