Monday 21 August 2017

Simple solution to stop the bus stop chaos

YOU JUST can't beat the bus service in Drogheda for real stories.

I was chatting to a regular user last week and as she told me 'if you want news, you'll hear it all on the bus!'

But it was actually the antics off the bus that her blood boiling.

She had two simple questions - why does the traffic on West Street have to give way to traffic coming up from Dominic Street? and can the traffic wardens hand out tickets to those people who park in the bus stops outside St Peter's Church and also the yellow box outside where the old Weavers used to stand.

She used the example of a day recently when traffic on the town was serious.

A row of cars were coming across Narrow West Street and they encountered cars coming up from Dominic Street and neither wanted to give way so it led to an 'exchange of words'.

Further on, the age old problem outside the Town Centre struck.

' The bus couldn't park in the bus stop as there were cars there and it had to stop on the road, causing delays for traffic behind it,' she stated.

'Can the traffic wardens not appear at three minutes to the hour both there and at the yellow box outside the Weavers and hand out tickets to people illegally parked? It would immediately discourage people from parking there, allow the bus to park and help keep the traffic flowing.

'It would also raise plenty of money for the council at €40 each.'