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Mystery of the Gogarty brothers

Published 07/11/2012 | 09:41

EACH YEAR, in the second part of August, an anniversary mass is held in St Peter's Church.

From what I know it's a lady from Co Wicklow that organises it and it recalls an incident in 1951, a subject that I'd like to find out more about.

The story starts in 1950 when Christopher and Raphael Gogarty from Palace Street were on holidays in Scotland.

There, they met a party from Chiswick in England and got talking about sailing.

Fast forward to August 7th, 1951 and Deauville in Northern France.

Boarding a 16 ton converted air sea rescue launch called the Laguna Bay were five men, the skipper Gilbert C Berry, Michael Sahl and Donald Adderly, from Ushford, Middlesex and the Drogheda brothers.

Christopher (26) was on the engineering staff of the ESB in Drogheda while Raphael (21) worked in a boot factory and lived with his parents at 4 Palace Street.

Both were rugby players, Chris with Lansdowne and his brother with Drogheda RFC where he had been captain for the last three years.

What happened to the Laguna Bay remains a mystery.

She was heard of three days later when pulling in to Le Treport, but that was it.

The channel had been stormy and it is presumed the vessel sank en route to Southampton.

Three bodies were washed ashore in September 1951, but not the Drogheda men.

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