Sunday 25 June 2017

Mid-term Italian trip 'molto buona'

Nathan Joyce and Scott Allen at the German breakfast.
Nathan Joyce and Scott Allen at the German breakfast.

ON THE last mid-term break, Drogheda Grammar School students embarked on an Italian trip which saw them visit Pompeii, Sorrento, Rome, F lo rence , Verona, Venice and Milan in the space of a week.

While touring, the students visited and explored Pompeii, the Colosseum, the Vatican, the Sistine chapel and the forum, as well as all the main attractions around Rome.

In Florence they undertook a city tour which incorporated a visit to the Uffizi Gallery and the Santa Maria del Fiore, where a number decided to climb the dome!

They waded through flooded streets in Venice on a day that saw the worst floods in sixty years, but was regarded by students as added excitement!

There was an international flavour amongst those who stayed at home too, as many feasted on a German breakfast one of the mornings.

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