Tuesday 26 September 2017

Memories flow at Christmas lunch


MEMBERS of the Old Drogheda Society held their Annual Christmas Lunch recently in The Boyne Valley Hotel and Country Club and their guest speaker was the inimitable, Eamon Duffy, who regaled the gathering with wonderful stories and memories of his time spent as a publican on West Street in the town.

President of the Old Drogheda Society (ODS), Pat Fulham, welcomed the members and friends to the lunch and thanked the members for their great work for the Society throughout the year. The Chairman, Sean Corcoran, also welcomed the guests and spoke briefly on the achievements of the ODS during the past year.

The Mayor of Drogheda, Paul Bell, was in attendance and complimented the magnificent work of the ODS which, he stated, was one of the vital organisations in preserving the towns heritage. He thanked the ODS and the museum, for their kindness in allowing the Union Banners to be used next year in the centenary remembrance of the 1913 lock out. He also thanked the society and in particular, Ted Greene, for the wonderful welcome that was given to the Australian ambassador on his recent visit to the town.

The Mayor asked that the ODS support him in two issues that he was working on. He said that he was seeking their support in the restoration of the former Thatch Public House on the Donore road which was a landmark on the south side of the town. He also wanted to pursue the prominent display of one of the town and the country's greatest landmarks, Laurences Gate, to the public.



really evoked memories of wonderful festivals and events in which he and his wife Alma were involved with during their time as proprietors of The Weavers. He also revealed a few heretofore untold stories that were unknown to many including his friends. One of these involved the name of his hostelry and how it came about. The irony being that it had a big connection with the Old Drogheda Society and one of its founders. Eamon explained to the members that he and his wife Alma were mulling over a name to call their new pub they settled on a name after speaking to one of the Society's founders, Moira Corcoran. She suggested to the young couple, that they should give serious consideration to calling it The Weavers. The reasoning for this being, that Drogheda had a huge connection with the textile industry. Hence, the name of one of Drogheda's greatest social and entertainment venue's of its time was hatched.

The ODS also enrolled Pat Carolan as an Honoray Life Member for voluntary services rendered to the Society down through the years. In making the presentation, Society member, Noel Bailey outlined the wonderful work which Mr. Carolan has done.