Thursday 25 May 2017

Lower speed limit and a dangerous junction

The dangerous junction at Trinity Street. Inset: The Old Coach Road sign.
The dangerous junction at Trinity Street. Inset: The Old Coach Road sign.

SPEED limits and dodgy junctions - we've all seen them, all experienced them and now, I have two prime examples.

As you leave Dunleer on the old Dublin-Belfast road, you'll come across a road to the left, about a mile or so out, and as it states, it was the old coach road.

But beside the nameplate, you'll see the speed limit for the road - 30km/h.

If you've ever driven on the Old Coach Road you'll know that 30km/h is about right, or it could be less.

Out towards Monasterboice and the Old Road area you'll see small, narrow roads with 80km/h limits! What's going on I ask.

I contacted some of the residents on the Old Coach Road and they confirmed that lobbying the council on the matter was the key. It was obvious to them that the speed limit was too high and although some might not obey the 30km/h, at least they are aware of the dangers and hopefully it will help the situation.

I say well done to the residents for their fight and maybe a few more should get some advice on how to make their roads safer too.

My second point brings me into the heart of Drogheda and the Fair Green. I came across an age old situation last week. There's three ways in and three ways out of the area, but the two entrances (and exits) onto Trinity Street are lethal.

The centre one, up by Carolans bike shop, has caused numerous accidents and there was almost another I spotted when a car came straight up the lane and almost smashed into a car driving through the Green. A slam of the brakes prevented it.

There's no stop sign and no road markings and the efforts of a local man in blocking off a couple of the car parking spaces has at least prevented a lot more accidents at the junction.

Can the borough council not see the real danger here?

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