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Duleek is 26km away – honestly!


Published 12/12/2012 | 11:33

SURELY SOMEBODY has to do something about the anomily on the Duleek road in relation to the speed signs.

If you head under the railway bridge close to Avourwen on the Platin Road you are in a 50km/h limit. A little further on, it changes to 60km/h and that's the last sign you'll see all the way to the Tollstone when it becomes......60km/h!

I presume it is missing an 80km/h sign somewhere along the way.

I was out that way last week and the speed camera van was out as normal at that little turn in outside the Cement plant, but was he clocking people doing 60km/h or 80km/h?

There is a sign for 80km/h as you pass the Tollstone as you leave Duleek.

Maybe that's one Duleek's new councillor Arian Keoghan can sort out. It would be a big help to motorists. But I'm not finished on the roadsigns. As you drive from Drogheda to Duleek and just as you turn right to go into the village, you see a signpost for Drogheda, taking you to the left, past the graveyard.

If you follow it, you come across another signpost, stating that Drogheda is 26kms away - despite the fact that it's only eight!

This is the Julianstown road and although you'll get to Drogheda eventually it's one hell of a trek.

By right it should say Drogheda (via Julianstown) because for non locals it is mighty confusing.

Mr Keoghan, another one for you.

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