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Broomfield roads now 'virtually impassable'


Published 05/12/2012 | 10:07

RESIDENTS OF the Broomfield and District area of Meath are appealing to the local county council to carry out urgent repairs to some badly deteriorated roads before there is a serious accident.

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Motorists are said to be forced to drive on the roadside verges on some places where the surface is so badly eroded, they cannot drive along the body of the road.

'The road surface and potholes along some of the roads are so bad now, the roads are virtually impassable,' said local resident Gerard Weldon.

'And yet every day, school buses are driving along them, so in my opinion, Meath County Council has a duty of care to those children, their parents and other road users.'

In particular, Gerard highlighted the White Cross Road to Broomfield, just west of White Cross on the N2, beside Geraghty Concrete.

' The potholes here started as small as a dessert dish 15 months ago, and are now so deep they are almost beyond repair,' he said

' The road is disintegrating by the day and now requires a major repair job. Road users are forced to drive on the roadside verges to avoid the potholes. If the stitch in time principle was applied 15 months ago, Meath Co. Council would not now be facing a major costly repair.'

He said there are several more examples in the area like the one highlighted.

'Anyone else will tell you about the major potholes on the Broomfield Road, and a road about to subside in the Creewood area,' he pointed out angrily. ' These roads are also used on a daily basis by a school bus, so repairs are needed urgently to secure the safety of the school children.'

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