Saturday 1 November 2014

Beware! Minefield

Published 26/02/2014 | 05:28

The unseen ‘border’ between the local authority and port company – and the associated different parking charges – are still causing bother for motorists. Is it time to put a barrier on the road?

IT'S got to a stage where a joint initiative must be put in place to solve the confusion over the parking issue at Drogheda Port.

While the lower end of the port close to the entrance to the docks is fair game as far as I'm concerned for the Port, the area outside the labour exchange is a nightmare and has landed people in court.

Thing is, you have to be from Drogheda to really know how this town works. If you are a visitor or a tourist, you could be in trouble.

You see, within four yards down by the Boyne, you have two distinct payment methods, and if you mix them up, it will cost you.

A man rang me last week and gave me a very familiar story.

He was from north Louth and was in Drogheda to do some shopping. He drove down past the old Sound Shop and pulled in to the right.

He got out and looked around and spotted a parking metre across the road.

A short time later he returned to the car and found a ticket on it.

Naturally confused, he asked what was the story? to be told he was in the port area, not the borough of Drogheda- go figure that one!

He made a few good points to me.

1. If the port area is a different parking zone to Drogheda, the road should be private also. That means a barrier needs to be erected just past de Lacy bridge.

2. There needs to be clear markings on the road to say you are in the port area.

3. Does the port have the authority to issue parking tickets if the area is not properly marked off?

Suffice to say, his main point is that there must be an agreement between the borough and the port to sort out this mess.

Drogheda Independent

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