Wednesday 22 October 2014

Bell calls for bus bay on Donore Rd

Alison Comyn

Published 08/01/2014 | 05:28

Cllr Paul Bell at the location where he's calling for a new bus stop.

A BUS bay is urgently needed near Ballsgrove on the Donore Road, before a serious accident takes place.

A BUS bay is urgently needed near Ballsgrove on the Donore Road, before a serious accident takes place.

The call is being made by Cllr Paul Bell on behalf of local residents, who use the area regularly to travel by bus, amid growing fears for safety.

'Both passengers and motorists have requested that a purpose built bus stop and bay be constructed on the Donore Road, as close as possible to the entrance of BD, and as close as possible to the westerly entrance of Ballsgrove,' says the Labour councillor, who lives in the southside estate.

'Efforts to secure a parcel of land from BD for this purpose failed about four years ago.'

He adds that the request is made on the grounds of public safety, as the unofficial bus stop is causing an obstruction.

'When the bus stops on the side of the road, it is then completely blocked and a motorist's view is obstructed of oncoming traffic and passengers crossing the road,' he adds.

'Space for a bus bay exists along the road to the east of the BD gate parallel to the old Coca Cola site on Donore Road.'

Cllr Bell raised the issue at the January meeting of Drogheda Borough Council, and he was told that officials would consult with bus operators to seek their view on the provision of a bus bay at the location.

'I would fully support this motion as it is a major traffic hazard on this stretch of road,' added Cllr Frank Maher.

'I think we should seek a contribution from the bus provider to assist with the construction of the bus bay.'

Cllr Micheal O'Dowd enquired whether a bus shelter could be included in the design.

'As far as I know, new guidelines require bus shelters be included in all new bus bay,' borough engineer Pat Finn commented.

'A report will be prepared for the members, but the provision of the bus bay is contingent on funding being made available.'

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