Unification of Drogheda down to a Dominican friar

Published 29/08/2012 | 10:05

A Dominican and not a Franciscan united the town in 1412.

Dear Sir, I WAS just reading your article on the unification of the two Droghedas in 1412, where you state that a Franciscan friar was responsible for bringing the two sides together.

While not wishing to be controversial, John D'Alton's history of Drogheda attributes the event to Father Philip Bennet, a monk of the Dominican Friary, who, in the aftermath of a particularly 'sanguinary engagement', invited both sides to hear him preach and his appeal to them to ' be united in the body of Christ'.

He must have been an effective preacher because one of his listeners, William Symcock, called out in the name of all: ' We will'.

It was then agreed to make a joint application to the King. When the charter was granted on the 1st Nov 1412, William Symcock was elected as Drogheda's first Lord Mayor. Le gach dea-ghui, John Kirke.

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