Brian hoping to make it onto the BGT stage

Alison Comyn

Published 11/12/2013 | 05:28

Brian Callan made it into the second round of auditions but must now wait until February to learn if he will be called back to perform in front of the judges.

LOCAL MAN Brian Callan is hoping to have earned a place to impress the Britain's Got Talent judges after his audition in Belfast last week.

The talented songwriter got called to attend the second round of the auditions, but won't know until next February whether he has been successful enough to make it in front of the judges.

'It was one hell of an adventure,' Brian told the Drogheda Independent.

'I was waiting from just after noon, in the bitter cold winds, outside the Europa Hotel for four to five hours before they opened the doors.'

Once in, he said he got to perform his one man musical act to 'four random people and a camera'.

'Then I got through to the second round which was located on the other side of the Europa Hotel up several floors on the opposite side of the hotel,' he explained.

'In both rooms they let me sing, act and dance out all 20 verses of my one man musical in both rooms. So I'm hoping that means something good on my odds of getting in.'

Brian, who is the son of well-known local businessman John Callan, writes his own songs and lyrics, in Irish and English.

He has performed his musicals locally, as well as sharing his own inspirational story with hundreds of local TY students in September.

'I had a brain injury in 1998 on May 26, when I was ten,' he explained. 'I was cycling with my best friend, when my bike collided with a car. I broke my collar bone, lost my front teeth from canine to canine on my upper layer of teeth. Yet my worst injury was my brain injury.

'My life got flipped upside down for a while. My memory from before I was ten was wiped clean.'

Yet Brian's challenges in life have not stopped him one little bit!

'I had to learn everything again, such as walking, talking, reading and writing,' he said.

'To stop any bad feelings I got about life in general, I created my own worlds through writing, firstly writing a play called 'Patience' with two original songs in it, then a film called 'Hells Rebellion' set in the medieval era.'

As well as hoping to share his talents with the nation, Brian is passionate about helping his own town.

'Right now, I am trying to get a few big projects rolling, alongside a series of one man musicals I wrote, I am working on various computer games and a few project to try help my local town get back in order,' he told the Drogheda Independent.

'I have to wait until February for a phone call reply from Britain's Got Talent, so fingers crossed I get through to the next round.'

Watch this space...

Drogheda Independent

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