Thursday 19 January 2017

Nice guy Colin worth making a big deal over 

with Yvonne Joye IHAD an "understanding" with my husband that should Colin Farrell (it used to be Tom Cruise, but I went off him) ever wanted to bed me, I could have carte blanche with the movie star without it ever affecting our marriage. And would you believe that all this time, it has been a wonderful arrangement, cordial and civilised without causing one ounce of trouble in all the time we've been together (my husband and me). That is until the day I actually got to meet...

Appreciate the mother in you 

With Emily Hurley-wilkinson THIS Sunday, March 18 celebrates Mother's Day. What are you planning to do to acknowledge and appreciate the 'mother' in your life? Before I ever became a mum I used to look at my mother with appreciation for all that she had done for me and my siblings. When I eventually became a mum, my appreciation for her took on a new level of growth. I look at her now in awe and with great admiration for her enduring commitment to her family. Becoming a...