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'Town facing traffic chaos' as trucks roll in


Published 20/06/2013 | 05:26

Fermoy mayor Michael Hanley with teachers from Loreto school at the civic reception held to recognise the acheivements of the music department of the school. Front row, left to right; Mary Ryan, Deirdre Foley, Colette Roche Barry, Sr Nuala, Fermoy mayor Michael Hanley, Marjorie Moran, Tim Fouhy, Marie Ring - school principal, Marie Holt - deputy school principal and Elma Hayes. Photo by Dermot FitzGerald
The new mayor of Fermoy, Cllr Olive Corcoran, is congratulated by outgoing mayor Cllr Micheal Hanley.

FERMOY is facing traffic "chaos" following the flood works contractor's decision to drive trucks through the town during daytime hours - despite the town council previously passing a motion to restrict the heavy vehicles access to night time hours only.

The decision has led some councillors to question the point of such motions if they are to be ignored.

Lagan, the contractor, previously brought soil to the flood works from Corrin via McCurtain Street and Patrick Street from 7pm to 7am, as agreed with the council, with the empty trucks then leaving the town via the N72 eastbound.

Councillors were informed on Tuesday morning, however, that Lagan was to carry out a two-day trial run whereby the trucks access would be changed to 2pm to 12am, with eight trucks per hour going through the town during peak hours.

Cllr Seamus Coleman (SF) was critical of the trial run at Tuesday night's meeting of the council, and said it went against their expressed wishes.

"Why window-dress something last month if the facts of the situation are going to change within the month?" he asked.

"They will do what they have to do, but don't start putting up motions and suggestions and coming out of here to people and saying 'We're fine lads, they're not going to come through the town during the day, we're going to review it in a month's time blah blah blah.'

"We look like goms out there today because trucks are coming through Fermoy. So my point is, don't pass motions within this chamber and not then have the conviction to follow through on that motion'," Cllr Coleman added.

Cllr Noel McCarthy (Lab) said it was important that the message went out to the public that there would be minor inconveniences for people coming to the town and Cllr Michael Hanley (Ind) said that the businesses of Fermoy want the contractors to do what they need to do to finish as soon as possible.

Cllr Pa O'Driscoll (FG), however, said he was sceptical that the contractors would get the job done in the time specified and that traffic in the town over the summer will be "chaos".

"There's no way there's going to be just eight trucks an hour, not a hope. I think in July and August, and I know you can say things are going to be hard on people coming to Fermoy, I think we're going to have chaos, to be honest," he said.

Cllr John Murphy (Ind) criticised Cllr O'Driscoll for his remarks and asked him to stay positive.

"I am always positive, John, but I won't be delusional," Cllr O'Driscoll replied.


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