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The ongoing saga of Mitchelstown centre


Published 27/12/2012 | 21:49

2012 saw yet another tumultuous chapter in the tale of the long-proposed Mitchelstown Leisure Centre.

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The year started with word that a group were looking to develop a sports centre on the Glanworth Road, separate to the well established Leisure Centre group.

In January Leisure Centre Chairman Ben Lynch said the group would support the idea of bringing all Mitchelstown's clubs under the one location.

"Despite the potential for delays that might result for the Canon's Field, we are prepared to give the promoters time to make progress. We would see no advantage in rushing ahead just because we've received our planning permission and it would threaten the viability of both projects if two of them went ahead in competition with each other," Mr Lynch said at the time.

As the year progressed, however, tensions rose as the group leading the charge for the Glanworth Road site sought to bring the Leisure Centre to their development.

Despite a public meeting in the Fir Grove Hotel, the Leisure Centre group were adamant that the long- awaited facility would go into the Canon's Field site in the centre of the town - and in December received a government grant for the plans. Mr Lynch has also indicated that the group are ready to put the development to tender shortly.

As the year ends, local Junior Minister Sean Sherlock has offered to intervene to bring a resolution to the situation, which looks to roll on.

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