Friday 28 July 2017

Testing your home is easy

TESTING your home for radon gas is easy and involves placing two radon detectors in you home, one in a bedroom and one in a living room, for a three month period.

There are a number of companies that provide a measurement service, with the detectors sent and returned by post for analysis at a cost of around €50.

If high levels of radon are discovered there are two relatively straightforward methods used to resolve the problem.

If a moderate level is discovered, improving indoor ventilation may be sufficient and the cost of this is normally quite low.

If higher levels are found, a fan assisted sump can be installed in the home, which generally reduces radon levels by over 90%.

The sump can be installed within a day by a qualified contractor at a typical cost of €1,100 with the fan costing roughly €90 per year to run.

An interactive map is available on the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland website ( allowing the public to search town, village or even a particular address to see if it is in a high radon area.

Information can also be obtained by phoning the RPII on Freefone 1800 300 600.

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