Friday 23 June 2017

Speed on Mallow road 'has to be seen to be believed'


MALLOW Town Council has been urged to examine the possibility taking measures to slow down the passage of traffic along one of the busiest roads in the town.

Councillor Jerry Mullally (Lab) placed a motion before last week's meeting of the local council calling on management to assess the feasibility of installing traffic calming measures at Plunkett Terrace.

"The speed of traffic driving along this road at times has to be seen to be believed and is causing huge concern to local residents," said Cllr Mullally.

He pointed out that the road services local schools, community centres and a shopping centre and as a result the Plunkett terrace area sees a high volume of pedestrian activity.

"The road is also used by motorist to bypass the town. Now that the Atlantic Corridor project has been put on hold indefinitely it is likely that motor traffic using the road will increase over the coming years," said Cllr Mullally.

"This will only serve to further compromise the safety of local road users and pedestrians," he added.

Town engineer Keith Jones said he would investigate if traffic calming measures were needed and report his findings back to the council's traffic committee.

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