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Soccer stalwarts receive honours

Published 24/10/2013 | 05:26

Tim Fitzgerald (left), chairman of Charleville Soccer Club and committee member, Dave Shanahan (right) who received their Harry Ball Community Awards.

TWO stalwarts of Charleville Soccer Club have been honoured by the local community in the form of awards at the credit union.

TWO stalwarts of Charleville Soccer Club have been honoured by the local community in the form of awards at the credit union.

Those attending the event were welcomed by the chairman of the board of directors, Mr Pat Savage, who said the credit union was the epitome of community spirit with the people in the community helping their neighbours. "I'm glad to say that this philosophy has survived the Celtic Tiger years and the credit union movement is all about that," he said.

Mr Savage said they, in Charleville Credit Union, were taking the opportunity on International Credit Union Day to honour two members of the community who each have given their time freely over the years in the running of Charleville Soccer Club.

"I refer to Tim Fitzgerald, who is the long time chairman of the club, and to Dave Shanahan, who has also held every position on the club committees down through the years," said Mr Savage.

He said that both men had given huge service to countless numbers of young boys and girls in the local soccer club, instilling in them a love of sport and ensuring that they could learn the skills of the game in a safe environment.

"For the work they have done I have pleasure in presenting Tim and Dave with this personal award, the Harry Ball Memorial Community Award, in recognition of their work for sport in the community over a long number of years," said Pat.

In reply, Tim Fitzgerald said that he joined the soccer club some 30 years ago this week when he went along to a club meeting and ended up on the committee, and he has been there ever since.

The current chairman of the club, Tim has overseen many developments in the local soccer scene and recalls that the purchasing and development of their own grounds at Moatville was a highlight of his time there.

"I have met many great people associated with the Charleville club and in the wider soccer scene over the years," said Tim.

"Buying and developing our own grounds was a great achievement, helped on by the support of the community and indeed of the credit union, and I thank them for that support and for this award here today.

Dave Shanahan said he had been a member of Charleville Soccer Club since 1968 and held every position on the committee since then. He echoed the sentiments of Mr Fitzgerald and also thanked the credit union for the award.


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