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Only a fraction of roads will get attention


Published 22/11/2012 | 16:29

FUNDING for local roadworks in the Fermoy/Mitchelstown area has been halved for the next four years.

Councillors this week slammed the ' savage' cuts as it was revealed that local engineers in the Fermoy Electoral Area have been given €4.8million towards Restoration Improvement Grants for the 2013-2016 period.

Putting this into context, local engineer Brendan O'Gorman told councillors at this week's meeting of the Fermoy Area Committee that he had nearly €3million to allocate this year alone - and that this figure was not enough to complete all the road works scheduled for 2012.

"We've had a substantial reduction on what we had before. We are looking at a 4050 per cent reduction in works," he said.

"What this will mean is that we could have a meeting where you bring motions requesting five perfectly reasonable road works and I will have to say no to four of them," Mr O'Gorman added.

Councillors reacted angrily to the news. "This is very, very disappointing. When you consider that we had almost €3 million this year and didn't get everything done, next year's allocation is much lower and will have to cover some of the roads not done this year," Cllr Noel McCarthy (Lab) said.

Cllr Frank O'Flynn said that while the costs of roadworks have come down somewhat in recent years, he could not see them dropping any further. "These are savage cuts," he warned.

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