Friday 28 July 2017

Murder visits village, twice



COURT rulings in the spate of two weeks has seen a Grenagh man jailed for murder after he shot a father while a separate court heard how a Grenagh taxi driver was murdered in his flat in Cork city.

Last Friday, (29) year old Michael Collins of Upper Kilmona, Grenagh was found guilty of the murder of Patrick "Pakie" Hogan. Mr Collins was also found guilty of possession of a rifle and ammunition with intent to endanger life on February 10, 2011.

The court heard that four days prior to the shooting, Mr Collins went to Blarney Garda station and asked about the progress of an investigation into complaints made by the accused against Mr Hogan.

"He was not satisfied with the progress being made and he said he was going to take care of it himself," said Garda Kevin McCarthy.

When Mr Collins was interviewed by Gardai, he blamed Mr Hogan for causing the suicide of his brother and the attempted suicide of another brother by pressurising them over drug debts. Mr Collins had claimed that he was in fear of his life from Mr Hogan.

The court heard that Mr Hogan was shot in the back near his right shoulder and the bullet had exited on the right side of his upper chest, piercing his lung. Mr Collins said that he had just wanted to scare Mr Hogan.

"I did not mean for anything of this to happen. I am totally sorry for what I have done. I did not intend for anyone to get hurt," said Mr Collins. He was sentenced to life in prison for murder.

Separately, Michael Healy, a Grenagh native but who was working as a taxi driver in Cork city died from blunt force trauma to the head which resulted in his skull being fractured on September 22, 2010. Mr Healy was found beaten at his flat in St Luke's Cork by his only brother Dermot after he became concerned for his brother who was a diabetic.

A jury found Lloyd Buckley (40) of Flat F, No 3 Rocksprings Terrace, St Luke's who knew Michael Healy was found guilty of murder.

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