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Holmes' Hound tale unleashed in Blarney

Joe Leogue

Published 06/06/2013 | 05:26

Sherlock Holmes and his side-kick Dr Watson are bound for the atmospheric setting of Blarney Castle.

AN unusual take on the world's most famous detective's best known tale is coming to Blarney.

Chapterhouse Theatre Company is bringing its adaptation of 'Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles' to Blarney Castle on Thursday, June 27.

Chapterhouse Theatre Company has been touring Ireland and the UK for over a decade, and Blarney Castle will be one of over 100 open-air venues to take a Chapterhouse production this year.

Playwright Laura Turner, who adapted Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic novel to the stage, says the iconic character is an exciting subject matter.

"Sherlock Holmes is an enigma, that is what makes him so interesting. I am really interested in characters that are not easily defined, that cannot be put into a box or labelled as good or bad.

"I think this makes him a realistic role model for today's audience. We have a fascination with this character. The recent resurgence of film and TV adaptations demonstrates that we are increasingly interested in characters with a dark side. And throughout the story, whilst we are trying to solve the mystery we are also trying to work out Sherlock and what his motives are," she said.

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