Fireworks light up night sky for fest

Published 26/07/2014 | 12:00

Tom Power and Mike O'Sullivan of the Wild Boar Warriors show off their deadly skills at the Kanturk Wild Boar Festival

ON Sunday night the skies over Kanturk were awash with colour and sparkle as the fireworks popped and lit up the skies over the town as another successful Wild Boar Festival came to a close.

This year's four-day festival was full of entertainment with something for everyone. There was a very wide variety of events on the programme and with the weather being kind everyone enjoyed the fare on offer.

One of the highlights of the festival was the closing "Night of Lights" in the Greenane Park where the large crowd enjoyed "the Glow in the Dark Disco" which preceded the fantastic fireworks display.

Another of the highlights of the festival was the "The Oakley Wild Boar Challenge", which was organised and run by Kanturk Rugby Club. It was an endurance test undertaken by teams of three who believed they had the stamina, strength, speed and teamwork to beat all other competing teams. These teams were not a bit sexist as it was open to all.

The teams had to complete an assault course then they had to tackle a 10km adventure race across country taking on all obstacles on the way.

They had to push a Toyota Yaris 100metres backwards, flip a large tractor tyre without rolling it, then it was on to the obstacle course, which consisted of dunk tanks, tyre steps, balance bar, crawl zone high walls and monkey bars.

Then it was on to bale shuffle, where small square bales had to be placed from one end of a 50m run to the other.

After this they had to take on a 10k run, which had to cross country and rivers, this is where the speedsters had the upper hand on the others.

The "Beat on the Street " was a great winner as usual with the young people dancing the night away to the sounds of DJ Cal and the open air music from "Nightshift.

On the music front most bars had their own entertainment for their customers, so no one was short of musical entertainment.

On the opening night there was a "Table Quiz", which was held in The Park Bar with teams from all over taking part. The winning team was the team representing Ronnie's Bar. Overall the Festival was a great success and now its back to planning for next years Wild Boar Festival.


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