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Diver Liam knows how to fill a pothole



Published 03/01/2013 | 09:28

ANYONE who wants to get a pothole fixed would be best advised to have Liam Keane on speed dial as a video of him stripping off and getting into a five foot deep pothole in Lismire quickly prompted Cork County Council to fill it in.

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Feisty 21 year-old Liam, who hails from Dromagh was driving near his home on New Year's eve when he saw water bubbling out of a huge hole in the road.

Wearing shorts, Liam firstly sits at the edge of the massive pothole before taking the plunge while his girlfriend, Stephanie Cronin, filmed the plunge.

As the water bubbles up - and there is a clear nip in the air - Liam does a quick bellow of ' Jesus tis cold," while his girlfriend giggles in the background.

The internet video has now clocked up 60,000 viewers around the world with people in Australia and America who have seen the hit sensation.

Liam told The Corkman that the pothole was filled the following day.

"I should be the new councillor and oversee the potholes around the place," he joked.

He said that he had seen a friend who had put a cone into the giant hole and he decided to go one better.

"It was a bit of craic," said Liam. "It was a burst water main and it had made a hole in the road, it was there for a few days but it wasn't fixed.

"There was a fierce amount of pressure there and I had to really push my way into the water."

Afte rthe video went viral, "the council appeared up there and filled in the hole within 24 hours" Liam reported.

"So, basically, if you want your pothole filled, get on to me."

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