Friday 21 July 2017

Christmas drivers play it safe on roads


THE message 'do not drink and drive' is hitting home with motorists in Duhallow as Gardai had no arrests up to St Stephen's Day.

"It is good to see that the message is finally hitting home after countless years of campaigns," said a Garda spokesperson at Kanturk. "The very vast majority of people, if they are planning a night out and are driving, then they will just not drink, it's as simple as that.

"Motorists are now very much aware that just one drink has the real potential for some drivers to result in a failed reading."

Over Christmas, Gardai did hold checkpoints throughout Duhallow at various times of the day and night.

The Garda spokesperson said: "No one wants to be banned from driving as it has huge repercussions on a person's lifestyle and can cause financial hardship."

However, he said that people must also be cautious about getting behind the wheel of a car if they have been out drinking the night before.

"A person could have parked up their car or organised a taxi home after a night out. However, driving the next morning can also result in a failed reading as there is the very real potential that there is still a high alcohol reading in their system.

"If a person has been drinking for a long time, then it would be safe to say that they are not capable of driving very early the following morning. We would urge all motorists not to drive early in the morning," he said.

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