Monday 27 March 2017

McEgan College take part in trip to Kerry adventure centre

AS part of the Transition Year Programme in McEgan College twenty two of our students along with two members of the teaching staff went on a school trip to Cappanalea Outdoor Education Centre on Thursday/Friday, March 21/22.

Cappanalea is found in the heart of the famous ring of Kerry in a picturesque location on the mountainous shores of Caragh Lake. This trip is the highlight of the TY Calendar.

It was an overnight trip and included a range of adventure sports and field study activities, which made students aware of and develop their skills.

Team building and cooperation was an important aspect of the excursion.

Red Cross Practical First Aid

The Transition Year Students of McEgan's have recently completed a two day course in Practical First Aid from the Red Cross.

The course was ran in the college and comprised of two full days of lectures and tests. It was a 12-hour course which was specifically designed for TY students with an interest in learning first aid.

The students did a great job and all passed the course with flying colours. This is an Internationally recognized qualification that they will have attained from their year in Transition Year in McEgan College Macroom and will be something they will be able to take going forward, as well as including on their CV. Certificates are valid for three years.

Learn To Earn

Our Transition year students have just completed a 5 week course in Learn to Earn from Bank of Ireland. This programme is a dynamic five-week financial literacy programme aimed at senior cycle secondary students aged 15-17 years.

Learn to Earn consisted of 5 modules, delivered by Diana Carver from the Macroom Branch of Bank of Ireland. The programme included an opportunity for students to gain an understanding of the practicalities of everyday finances, and highlights the importance of saving and investing their money responsibly.

Each student will receive a Certificate of Achievement upon completion to recognise the time and effort students put into the programme.


Why not plant a long-lived tree? 

Andrew Collyer - Practical Gardening March 5 to 12 was National Tree Week. This is an awareness week organised by the Tree council of Ireland to promote all things trees. It has been an annual event since 1985 and should be embraced and celebrated with gusto in my opinion. Where the National tree week really becomes valuable is in schools where the education of the young in tree importance will hopefully produce a generation of responsible environmentally aware adults in the future.

Do animals feel grief after suffering loss of someone 

Peter Wedderburn - Animal Doctor Both of my parents have passed away in the last year: they were both elderly, and had enjoyed long and fruitful lives, so there was much to be thankful for. The experience of losing them has taught me a direct personal lesson about grief. This must be one of the deepest emotions felt by humans, and I am often asked if animals experience the same feeling when they lose a close friend, whether a human owner or a fellow animal companion.

Getting creative about a better quality of life 

Conor Nelligan, County Heritage Officer The Centenary Commemoration of 1916 was a tremendous success in the County of Cork, as it was across the entire nation. In response to the heightened sense of shared identity that was established in 2016, and in respect of the breadth of cultural activity and public engagement that took place, the Government has embarked on an insightful legacy project that sets out to harness the country's culture, arts and heritage over the next five years with the purpose of...

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