Saturday 24 June 2017

Propagating perennials is easy 

Andrew Collyer's Practical Gardening Perhaps the easiest way of getting free plants, apart from being given them, is by dividing herbaceous perennial plants. A herbaceous perennial is a plant that doesn't have a woody structure and survives from year to year. They can be evergreen like many Agapanthus and Hellebores or they can die back to the ground and be deciduous like Delphiniums or Phlox. Mosts are incredibly easy to propagate by division and within a few years of planting a...

A sore mouth stopped Bunter from eating 

Pete Wedderburn - Animal Doctor Bunter the three year old rabbit had stopped eating. He was normally an enthusiastic nibbler, chewing grass as he hopped around the lawn, and tucking hungrily into the bowl of rabbit muesli that his owner put out for him every morning. But suddenly, for no particular reason, his appetite evaporated. He still hopped around the garden, but he wasn't nibbling any more. He sat waiting for his breakfast bowl, but instead of tucking into it, he...