Friday 20 October 2017

Greyhounds should not be exported to China 

Pete Wedderburn's Animal Doctor I've written before how greyhounds can make excellent house pets. They are gentle, peace-loving, creatures, fitting in well to many Irish homes. They only need a short walk every day, despite their reputations as fast athletes. They're sprinters, not long-distance runners, so compared to energy-filled dogs like Dalmatians and Spaniels, they are couch potatoes. They love people, and some of them can even get on well with cats.

A sight for sore eyes: conjunctivitis in dogs 

Pete Wedderburn - Animal Doctor Marloe, a Chocolate Labrador Retriever, was just four months old when she first developed the problem with her eyes. It seemed to happen suddenly: one morning when she woke up, there was a white sticky discharge from both eyes. At the same time, her eyes seemed to be itchy: she kept rubbing them with both front feet. At first, her owner thought that she might be having a simple, mild problem that would go away by itself. She tried cleaning...