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6.20 Teleshopping. 8.20 Midday. 9.10 The Morning Show with Sybil and Martin. 10.00 Ireland AM. 1.00 FYI Newsbyte. 1.05 Judge Judy. 2.05 The Jeremy Kyle Show. 3.05 The Steve Wilkos Show. 4.55 Uploaded: Bytesize. 5.00 Friends. 6.00 FYI. Stories from home and around the world. 6.30 Xposé. Entertainment news, with Karen Koster. 7.00 Malcolm in the Middle. 8.00 All New: Glee. Finn reveals the reason for his silence. 9.00 All New: The Wedding Band. Rutherford is hired to plan an adult prom. 10.00 Take Me Out. An actor, an impersonator, an office manager and a roller-blind fitter take part. 11.15 Mike Judge's Beavis & Butt-Head. The duo find themselves piloting drone planes on a mission in the Middle East. 11.45 Bob's Burgers. Bob becomes addicted to an arcade game. 12.15 Conan. 1.10-2.40 The Only Way Is Essex.


6.00 Airline USA. 7.00 Brainiac: Science Abuse. 8.00 UK Border Force. 9.00 Dog the Bounty Hunter. 10.00 NCIS: Los Angeles. 2.00 UK Border Force. 3.00 Stargate SG-1. 5.00 Futurama. 5.30 Lincoln: Sky Movies Special. 6.00 Got to Dance: Uncut. Bonus footage from the auditions. 6.30 The Simpsons. 8.30 CHOICE John Bishop's Only Joking. Comedy show, with guests including Tom O'Connor. 9.00 Stella. Emma and Sunil kiss and make up, only for Leah to threaten their happiness again. 10.00 A League of Their Own. Sport-based comedy quiz show, hosted by James Corden. 11.00 An Idiot Abroad 3. Karl Pilkington and Warwick Davis arrive in China. 12.00-2.20 Spartacus: Vengeance.


6.00 The Liver Birds. 6.30 Bread. 7.00 Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads? 7.40 2point4 Children. 8.20 Waiting for God. 9.00 As Time Goes By. 9.40 The Good Life. 10.20 Keeping Up Appearances. 11.00 Last of the Summer Wine. 12.20 My Family. 1.00 2point4 Children. 1.40 Waiting for God. 2.20 Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads? 3.00 As Time Goes By. 3.40 The Good Life. 4.20 Keeping Up Appearances. 5.00 Last of the Summer Wine. 6.20 My Family. 7.00 Outnumbered. 7.40 Open All Hours. 8.20 Yes, Prime Minister. 9.00 The Royle Family. 10.20 Yes, Prime Minister. 11.00 Outnumbered. 11.40 Yes, Prime Minister. 12.20 Open All Hours. 1.00-2.00 The Royle Family.

Sky Living

6.00 Nothing to Declare. 7.00 Maury. 8.00 America's Next Top Model. 9.00 Jerry Springer. 10.00 Nothing to Declare. 11.00 Motorway Patrol. 12.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. 2.00 Criminal Minds. 4.00 RSPCA Animal Rescue. 5.00 Motorway Patrol. 6.00 Nothing to Declare. 7.00 The Love Machine. 8.00 The Love Machine: Love Bites. 9.00 Criminal Minds. 10.00 Jerry Bruckheimer's Chase. 11.00 The Love Machine. 12.00 The Love Machine: Love Bites. 1.00 Bones. 1.50-2.40 Supernatural.

Sky Atlantic

6.00 Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. 7.00 Richard E Grant's Hotel Secrets. 8.00 Blue Bloods. 9.00 ER. 10.00 Richard E Grant's Hotel Secrets. 12.00 Blue Bloods. 1.00 ER. 2.00 House. 4.00 Blue Bloods. A bank robbery turns into a hostage situation. 5.00 ER. Abby misdiagnoses an emphysema patient. 6.00 House. 8.00 Blue Bloods. Danny investigates the murder of a student on a college campus. 9.00 Carnivale. Samson tries to improve the troupe's spirits. 10.05 The Wire. Omar sends Marlo a grisly message. 11.20 In Treatment. 12.30 The British. 1.30-2.35 Carnivale.


6.00 World's Lost Tribes: The New Adventures of Mark and Olly. 7.00 Deadliest Catch. 8.00 Gold Rush. 9.00 World War Two: The Complete History. 10.00 Auction Hunters. 10.30 Auction Kings. 11.00 Jungle Gold. 12.00 The Da Vinci Code: The True Story. 1.00 Reign of the Dinosaurs. 2.00 Al Murray's Road to Berlin. 3.00 World War Two: The Complete History. 4.00 Auction Hunters. 4.30 Auction Kings. 5.00 Jungle Gold. 6.00 Mythbusters. 7.00 Bear Grylls: Born Survivor. 8.00 Auction Kings. 9.00 Auction Hunters. 10.00 Gold Divers: Under the Ice. 11.00 Auction Hunters. 11.30 Auction Kings. 12.00 Auction Hunters. 1.00-2.00 American Chopper.

National Geographic Channel

6.00 Teleshopping. 7.00 Teleshopping. 8.00 Air Crash Investigation. 9.00 Ancient X Files. 10.00 American Colony: Meet the Hutterites. 11.00 Strippers: Cars for Cash. 12.00 Bid & Destroy. 1.00 Holiday in Outer Space. 2.00 Martian Mega Rover. 3.00 Air Crash Investigation. 5.00 UFO UK: New Evidence. 6.00 UFOs: The Untold Stories. 7.00 Banged Up Abroad. 8.00 Seconds from Disaster. 9.00 To Catch a Smuggler: JFK Airport. 10.00 Drugs Incorporated. 11.00 Taboo. 12.00 Seconds from Disaster. 1.00-2.00 To Catch a Smuggler: JFK Airport.

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