Saturday 19 April 2014



6.20 Teleshopping. 8.20 Midday. 9.10 The Morning Show with Sybil and Martin. 10.00 Ireland AM. 1.00 FYI Newsbyte. 1.05 US What Not to Wear. 2.05 The Jeremy Kyle Show. 3.05 Uploaded. 4.05 Best of Uploaded. A compilation of bizarre videos. 5.05 Better with You. 6.00 FYI. Stories from home and around the world. 6.30 Xposé. Entertainment news, with Karen Koster. 7.00 The X Factor Results. Another elimination and more performances by chart-topping stars. 8.00 The Xtra Factor Results. Including an interview with the eliminated act. 9.00 All New: I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! Including the first Bushtucker Trial. 10.00 American Dad! Stan and Francine split their house down the middle. 10.30 Bob's Burgers. Bob and Gene discover a common interest. 11.00 All New: I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here Now! News and gossip from the camp. 12.00 Conan. 1.00-2.00 I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!


6.00 Airline. 7.00 Modern Family. 7.30 The Middle. 8.00 Dog the Bounty Hunter. 9.00 Glee. 10.00 NCIS: Los Angeles. 2.00 Glee. 3.00 Stargate SG-1. 5.00 Raising Hope. 5.30 Futurama. 6.30 The Simpsons. 8.00 Arrow. The vigilante asks Laurel to help prove a murder suspect's innocence. 9.00 Ross Kemp: The Invisible Wounded. Posttraumatic stress disorder among ex-service personnel. 10.00 Game of Thrones. Ned struggles to save Arya's life. 11.15 NCIS: Los Angeles. A Marine is found murdered minus a hand. 12.15 Fringe. 1.15-2.05 Road Wars.


6.00 Ripping Yarns. 6.35 Creature Comforts USA. 7.00 The Brittas Empire. 7.40 The Liver Birds. 8.20 Sykes. 9.00 As Time Goes By. 9.40 To the Manor Born. 10.20 Ever Decreasing Circles. 11.00 Last of the Summer Wine. 12.20 Porridge. 1.00 Keeping Up Appearances. 1.40 The Brittas Empire. 2.20 Just Good Friends. 3.00 As Time Goes By. 3.40 To the Manor Born. 4.20 Ever Decreasing Circles. 5.00 Last of the Summer Wine. 6.20 Porridge. 7.00 My Family. 8.20 Only Fools and Horses. 9.00 Gavin & Stacey. 10.20 The Comic Strip Presents: Five Go to Rehab. 11.25 I'm Alan Partridge. 12.00 Early Doors. 12.40 Gavin & Stacey. 1.45-2.15 I'm Alan Partridge.

Sky Living

6.00 America's Next Top Model. 7.00 Maury. 8.00 Cougar Town. 9.00 Jerry Springer. 10.00 Nothing to Declare. 11.00 Passport Patrol. 12.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. 2.00 Criminal Minds. 4.00 Passport Patrol. 5.00 Nothing to Declare. 7.00 Criminal Minds. 8.00 Nothing to Declare UK. 8.30 Show Me Your Wardrobe. 9.00 America's Next Top Model. 10.00 Criminal Minds. 11.00 Bones. 12.00 Sun, Sea and A&E. 1.00 Smash. 1.50-2.40 Supernatural.

Sky Atlantic

6.00 The X Files. 7.00 Star Trek: Enterprise. 8.00 Star Trek: Voyager. 9.00 ER. 10.00 The X Files. 11.00 Star Trek: Enterprise. 12.00 Star Trek: Voyager. 1.00 ER. 2.00 House. 4.00 Star Trek: Voyager. 5.00 ER. 6.00 House. 8.00 Seinfeld. 9.00 Don't Sit in the Front Row. With Frank Skinner, Andrew Maxwell and Susan Calman. 9.30 Alan Partridge's Mid Morning Matters. The host asks listeners to nominate Norfolk's greatest-ever resident. 10.00 Girls. Charlie and Marnie deal with the fallout from the revelations in the diary. 10.35 Nurse Jackie. Mike implements a uniform change that goes down badly. 11.10 BrandX with Russell Brand. The comedian offers his take on current events. 11.40 Flight of the Conchords. Bret and Jemaine go to war with a fruit vendor. 12.15-1.15 Seinfeld.


6.00 Mutant Planet. 7.00 Nasa's Greatest Missions. 8.00 Gold Rush. 9.00 The First World War. 10.00 Auction Hunters. 10.30 Auction Kings. 11.00 American Guns. 12.00 Dan Snow's Battle of the Somme. 2.00 Hitler: A Profile. 3.00 The First World War. 4.00 Auction Hunters. 4.30 Auction Kings. 5.00 American Guns. 6.00 Mythbusters. 7.00 Battle Castle with Dan Snow. 8.00 Fifth Gear. 9.00 How We Invented The World. 10.00 American Guns. 11.00 Wheeler Dealers. 12.00 How We Invented The World. 1.00-3.00 American Guns.

National Geographic

6.00 Teleshopping. 7.00 Teleshopping. 8.00 Megafactories. 9.00 Full Force Nature. 10.00 Doomsday Preppers. 11.00 Hooked: Monster Fishing. 12.00 Family Guns. 1.00 Strippers: Cars for Cash. 2.00 Supercars. 3.00 Air Crash Investigation. 5.00 Strippers: Cars for Cash. 6.00 Wicked Tuna. 7.00 Supercars. The construction of the $375,000 Lexus LFA supercar. 8.00 Family Guns. 9.00 Air Crash Investigation. 10.00 Strippers: Cars for Cash. 11.00 Banged Up Abroad. 12.00 Family Guns. 1.00-2.00 Air Crash Investigation.

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