'Star' to take care of the Jamaican Olympics team


Published 13/09/2011 | 11:12

Double Olympic Games 400 hurdles gold medal winner Angelo Taylor with physiotherapist Anthony 'Star' Geoghegan and his nutricianist partner Jess Day at their Realta Clinic in Carlow

WHAT HAS Carlow and globally acclaimed track athletes got in common? Answer, one Anthony 'Star' Geoghegan.

Olympic and other world championship athletes are knocking on the Carlow physio's door in search of injury repair.

Latest in the queue was Angelo Taylor the US 400 metres hurdler who won gold in Sydney in 200 and in Beijing three years ago and who wants a third gold in London next year.

The four times (Beijing and world championships in '07, '09 and last month) 4 x 400 gold medal winner also was directed to Carlow and the Star by his athlete friend long jumper Dwight Phillips.

Is not the best of sports medicine now available in the US? 'I've come to the best' Angelo told me on Saturday in Star's Realta Clinic where he employs two chartered physiotherapists (Nicola Aylward and Nuala Mohan) to assist with his expanding business in concert with his nutritionist partner Wicklow native Jess Day.

In recent months sprinter Asafa Powell (who defeated Usain Bolt this season) and Michael Frater (Beijing and Daegu 4 x 100 gold) have also been treated by Star and next up will be hurdler Kiliese Spencer, 110 hurdler David Oliver (IAAF gold '08) and Brigitte Foster-Hylton recently voted female athlete of the decade.

Anthony made the connection with the big time through Irish agent Paul Doyle and as a result he has been engaged to look after the Jamaican athletic team for the Games and will spend two weeks of each month until May on the Caribbean island.

Taylor ran through the world championships in Daegu and again at a meet in Switzerland with a serious foot injury and has been convinced by other on the circuit Star has the remedy.

'He has equipment no-one else has and I believe in going to the best' said the 6' 3' hurdler who will be out of action for several months before beginning training for London.

'I've been dealing with this foot injury since May and believe me it is very painful and my good friend Dwight Phillips (Athens gold ' 04, world championship long jump gold '03, '05, '09 and ' 11) told me about Anthony and he had nothing but good things to say about him, so I ended up here,' said the current Olympic champion who is only .47 outside Kevin Young's ' 92 world record and he the only sub 47 hurdler on the planet.

Angelo explains that Star's machine promotes quick recovery as against similar injuries for which many US sportspeople may simply resort to surgery.

Taylor - who has run 47.9 twice this year despite injury - first met Star at a Diamond League meet in Zurich last week and it didn't take long to convince the hurdler to head for Carlow having heard the recommendations.

Partner Jess Day, a nutritional therapist joined with Anthony a year ago when she was investigating the Irish feasibility of the new Spira road and running shoes which have won widespread acclaim and for which Jess is Irish agent, but selling only word of mouth. 'We don't have to advertise.'

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