The mystery of the disappearing emu

Padraig Byrne

Published 02/08/2014 | 00:00

The emu that went missing from the Southern County Fishing Resort and Wildlife Park in Garryhill.

Mystery surrounds the disappearance of an emu from its home at the Southern County Fishing Resort and Wildlife Park in Garryhill. Owner Patrick Foley said that he used to have three emus and when he came into work one morning he was shocked to find that one of them was missing from their enclosure.

The 25 acre park has a 1.8 metre perimeter fence and according to Mr Foley, there's no way the flightless bird could have gotten out by itself, leading him to believe that there is currently an emu thief at large.

He said that a thief may have entered the park through a gate at the main entrance.

'They would be fairly easy to catch,' he said. 'It would be easy enough to grab one of them. They're quite curious birds.'

Mr Foley now says that he is concerned for the wellbeing of the exotic bird, who he fears will not survive on its own or in the care of its captors. He purchased the emu from a breeder in Cork a year ago and now it's about four feet tall and could reach six or seven feet when fully grown.

This is not the first time a bird has gone missing from the park in suspicious circumstances. Mr Foley said that he believes that three pheasants were stolen from the park several years ago.

The incident has been reported to Gardaí who are hoping to track down the emu thief and return the bird safely to its home. The owners of the park are also urging people to be on the lookout for emus for sale or anything involving the exotic bird and contact them with any information.

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