Tesco thieves foiled... by a collapsing roof

Padraig Byrne

Published 19/07/2014 | 12:00

Tesco in Tullow, where fallen tiles in the staff canteen revealed ropes believed to be left there by a gang planning a raid on the store

THIEVES planning a daring raid on Tesco in Tullow had their plans foiled almost by accident last week.

Unsuspecting staff at the Tullow store were eating in the canteen when tiles began to come away from the roof. After a few tiles came down, ropes came falling down, which were apparently left there by thieves planning to break into the store.

On closer investigation, lengths of rope were found in the ceiling of the store and a series of footprints were also found on the roof.

Gardaí were immediately called and an examination of the scene was carried out. The gang had drilled holes in the roof and a Garda spokesman said that while the thieves hadn't gained access to the store on this occasion, it is likely that the drilling and the ropes were preparation work and that they were planning to return to the store at a later date to carry out a raid.

'They didn't manage to get into the store on this occasion, but it is extremely likely that they planned to come back,' said the Garda spokesman.

'At the moment we are keeping a close eye on Tesco and we are urging any member of the public with any information or who may have seen anything suspicious to make themselves known to us.'

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