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Residents air concerns over waste application

Published 15/01/2013 | 11:25

TULLOW RESIDENTS have rallied together in protest over a waste planning application.

The application, by Sede Ltd, is for the change of use of an existing storage building to an industrial building for the purpose of the lime stabilisation of biosolids and their subsequent storage at Tankardstown, Tullow.

Local residents held a public meeting in Ballyconnell Hall during the week to voice their concerns over the application. The meeting was attended by a number of local representatives including Deputy Pat Deering and councilors John Murphy, Pat O'Toole, John Pender and Fred Hunter.

Issues raised on the night included the nearby Deeren River, a subsidiary of the Slaney, that is home to fresh water shell fish, road structures and passing traffic.

'We are afraid the river will be contaminated and that there will be lorries passing by our doors throughout the day,' said local resident Darragh Carroll, who is part of the opposing committee.

'We as a group will go forward and take action, we are going to fight this.

' That river is one of the few rivers in Ireland home to this fresh water fish and we afraid that it will be contaminated.'

The residents added that there is a similar plant to the proposed development about three miles away at Thornhill on the Ardattin Road out of Tullow.

' They are handling sewerage for Ringsend there and we feel that Carlow is already doing its fair share, if not more,' he added.

A second meeting took place last night (Monday) to finalise the committees opposition proposal. A decision is due on the application on February 9.

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