National food guide labels Alan 'top chef'

Published 08/01/2013 | 11:39

Chef Alan Foley from the Step House, Borris, with his winning team (front from left): Sarah Doyle and Christine Joyce. Back: Paul Hynes, Igor Buturla and Brian Taylor.

CHEF ALAN Foley is continuing to make a stir in the culinary world after being named Chef of the Year in a national food guide.

The head chef at The Stephouse in Borris, who has worked in well known restaurants like Chapter One and Sheen Falls, was chosen by John and Sally McKenna from Bridgestone Guides as their number one cook.

Alan said he felt lucky to pick up the title and thanked his team and local producers for their help and support.

'We try and buy as local as we can and cook within the season, we are always trying to make things better,' he said. 'We put in long hours, 16 hour days, so something like this is fantastic for the team, it is justification for all the hard work.' He added that he was pleased also for the suppliers. He mentioned that he gets his cheese from Elizabeth Bradley, his free range pigs and rashers from Tom Salter, his lambs from John Kavanagh and more.

'It is great to have a relationship with these guys.'

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