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Family vows to keep memory of Lisa alive

Published 12/10/2010 | 09:05

The late Lisa Doyle
The late Lisa Doyle

LISA DOYLE'S family who attended the sentencing last Tuesday of Ger O'Hara have vowed to keep the memory of their beautiful sister alive but are keeping a dignified silence on the subject of her killer.

Angela Doyle, her sister, said last week that the family decided not to speak of O'Hara and that they never would talk publicly about him. She refused to comment on the sentence hearing at the Central Criminal Court last week and wouldn't comment on the fact her sister's killer was sentenced to life imprisonment.

'We've always said we'd never talk about him, we're concentrating on Lisa's life and what she gave up,' Angela said. 'We think about how much we adored her and that's what's kept us strong. She'll never be left out of anything and every year, we'll celebrate her birthday on April 24.'

'Lisa loved music, poetry, she was an amazing athlete and believed in helping others,' Angela continues. 'She did charity work that none of us knew about. She never shouted from the rooftops about it, she was too modest for that. She was also really funny and was a great comic. She once told me that she sometimes woke up laughing.'

Twenty four year old Lisa was strangled by her fiancé, O'Hara, at their rented home in Leighlinbridge on September 20 last year. Lisa worked as a part-time model and in Argos and was renowned for her sense of fun. She was the daughter of Michael Doyle and the late Bernie and had three sisters, Jane, Catherine and Angela and one brother, Michael. The past year since her horrible death has seen the Doyle family struggling to come to terms with what happened to her.

'It's been a shocking, difficult time for us,' Angela explained. 'Grieving is so difficult in any situation, we're just trying to get our heads around it and trying to help each other.'

She said that the Doyle family and their respective partners were supporting each other and that they also found guidance on court procedures from staff at the Victims of Homicide. However, now that the court case is over and O'Hara is behind bars, Angela couldn't find the words on how the family felt.

'Closure? One chapter has been closed but to be honest, I don't know what to say,' she explained. 'No one will ever understand what we're going through and I wouldn't want them to. Because if they did understand, it would mean that they've gone through the same thing and you'd never, never want that for anyone else.'

'We'll never expect it to be easy, we have to mind and protect each other,' Angela concluded. 'We want to honour Lisa, do her proud and make her proud of us.'

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