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Delight as Deirdre picks up top Weight Watchers Leader award

Published 08/01/2013 | 11:39

A LOCAL woman has been crowned Weight Watchers Leader for 2013.

Deirdre McDonald from Primrose Hill, Quinagh, was chosen from leaders across the country at the annual end of year gathering. Deirdre, who went on to train as a leader after losing almost three stone herself, said she had 'absolutely no idea' that she would be chosen.

'I had no clue whatsoever,' she said. 'I am absolutely thrilled.

'I had been a serial re-joiner in Weight Watchers,' she said.

'I'd do really well at the start but after a while I would just lose interest and give up. The last time that I joined, I only changed one thing - I took a seat and stayed to class, following on to lose nearly three stone. That's what did it for me; having the support of my leader and fellow members.

'My leader must have seen something in me that I didn't see myself, because she encouraged me to train as a leader. I now have classes in Carlow, Kilcullen and Castlecomer.

The enjoyment I get from seeing other people succeed is just incredible. I love the process of seeing a new member coming into my class, maybe feeling low about their weight or lacking in confidence, and then getting to the point where they're leaving with their Gold Card in their hand, I get enormous satisfaction from that.'

Deirdre, who has been a leader now for four years, runs classes every Wednesday in the Seven Oaks Hotel, every Monday in Castlecomer and every Thursday in Kilcullen.

' To become a leader you have to have gone through the programme. You have to know the highs and lows and have gone through the same thing yourself.'

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