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Councillor tells Joe Duffy of outrage at all-male line-up for conference

Published 07/10/2008 | 10:43

CLLR LORRAINE HYNES said she is 'absolutely outraged' with an upcoming conference that features 17 speakers who are all male.

Anger at the line-up for the All-Island Public Consultation conference caused the Fianna Fail councillor to ring up Joe Duffy's Live Line programme this week to voice her outrage.

'There are 17 speakers and there is not one woman in the line-up,' said the accountant from Castlewood Gardens. 'It is crazy when it is the government's policy to gender proof everything.'

She added that the organisers were only aware of this when she tried to contact them.

'They said they had gotten in touch with some women who were not available.

'They didn't take gender into consideration.'

Lorraine went on to highlight that on Carlow County Council, just two out of 21 councillors are women. There are only two on the town council which features nine members and in the Dail out of 166 TDs just 20 are female.

'At the conference the speakers and presenters include solicitors, consultants, architects, engineers, careers where they are definitely women.'

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