Wednesday 25 November 2015

Carroll not happy with prison grub

Published 06/11/2012 | 19:20

A CO. CARLOW man who is serving 17 years behind bars for running an international prostitution ring says he is not one bit happy about the watery custard and withered apples that he is being served in jail.

Thomas Carroll, originally from Bagenalstown, was jailed for seven years in Wales after being found guilty in 2010 of controlling prostitution and moneylaundering and in April of this year was sentenced to a further decade in prison after refusing to hand over almost €2.2 million from the proceeds of his crimes.

In a letter to inside time, the national newspaper for prisoners Carroll complained about the food.

'I have been at this establishment for over two years and I must say that the quality as well as the quantity of the food has seriously deteriorated,' he wrote.

'It is now at a level which is basically unacceptable. An example is the custard being watered down to an unbelievable level, sometimes by wing staff themselves who are legally not allowed to alter foodstuffs.'

He also said that he is particularly unhappy with the apples and pears. 'Apples are so small and withered they are tasteless, pears so hard they are unfit for human consumption. The sandwiches we now receive in place of a cooked meal are not buttered and an obvious indication of the supplier's contempt for prisoners at this establishment. And the chef's' choice of potatoes and salad, what a combination of cheap foods on one plate. I seem to recall that as a child we fed this sort of stuff to the pigs.'

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