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Budget meetings numbered

Published 22/01/2013 | 15:35

MEMBERS OF the town council lamented the pending demise of the local authority when they met at the recent budget meeting.

' This is our second last budget meeting. It may be too little, too late now. I believe the abolishment of town councils will be detrimental to the town,' said Cllr Walter Lacey.

He added, '€10 million will not be invested as it was tonight.'

Cllr Anne Anne Ahern said, however, all may not be lost.

' The death knell of the Town Council has rung but I do believe the Minister has an open ear and so we need to lobby him.'

The Department of Finance has indicated that budgetary proposals will be required by October 15 which means local authorities will prepare the 2014.

Budget this August. Budget 2014 will be the last budget to be prepared by the Town Council before 'Putting People First – An Action Programme for Effective Local Government' comes into effective after the 2014 elections. All 80 existing town council will be replaced by a municipal districts merging town and county authorities.

' Town Council Cathaoirleach Eileen Brophy described it as a 'shame' and 'you never know what you miss until it's gone'.

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