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Blue Tribe welcomes six recruits


Published 11/12/2012 | 12:47

Beavers in their survival shelter.
Beavers in their survival shelter.

THE BLUE TRIBE beaver section from 5th Carlow town welcomed new members with open arms last week when they held an official ceremony as new recruits joined the beaver section and into the 5th Carlow town unit.

Known as the annual investiture night, unit leader Seán Scanlon presented the new members with their neckerchief.

On the night, six new members were invested. During the ceremony, each beaver placed his left hand on the world scout flag and with their right hand made the scout sign.

They then individually said the beaver promise, which was read out by section leader Oisín Keane. Seán then placed the group neckerchief on the beaver, shook hands with him and officially welcomed him to the unit.

There was a new face among the leaders as the unit welcomed the newest leader, Mark McKechnie.

Section leader Oisín Keane said: ' The evening also presented an opportunity to reward the other beavers with some badges that they have earned. A lot of them received one level of their back woods badge.'

For this reward, they learned about safety around fires, built a survival shelter in the woods made from loose branches and trees, and cooked food on an open fire without using any cooking utensils.

Oisin said: ' We would like to say a massive well done to all the beavers involved from all the leaders of the blue tribe section. The next badge that they will be working on is hill walking, so we hope to get the young beavers hiking up a mountain soon.'

Oisin also explained how the unit is in need of some adult volunteers: 'We are a very active unit and so we are in need of some adult volunteers and so it would be great if would gained even more recruits over the coming months.'

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