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Attacked dog is on the mend


Published 29/01/2013 | 12:16

THE family which owns a terrier that was attacked and savaged by a pack of hounds in front of their four children is calling for an end to blood sports.

The Jaggli family, from St Mullins, was out walking with their pet dog Kas in neighbouring Bohanna Wood when he was attacked by the dogs owned by Carlow Farmer's Hunt.

After being ripped from three sides his family said they can't believe that he is making a recovery.

'It's good news, he is a fighter for his life,' said Margaret Jaggli. 'He is much brighter and he can go to the toilet now.

'It has opened our eyes. We are totally against blood sports now. How many foxes, badgers and hares are torn apart like this? They don't have the support of vets or medical intervention.

'Kas was held by the neck, the back between the legs and the middle. This should not happen to our dog or to any animal. It could have been a child.'

Margaret's husband Rene and their four sons were out walking in the woods with Kaz, who was on a lead at the time, when the incident occurred.

Kas was put on a drip at the local vet and the Jagglis were told that it was touch and go.

'He is our family pet and we love him to bits,' said Rene. ' This happened in front of our eyes. The boys were traumatised, the whole thing was very frightening.

'I can't let this happen as it would cause such a guilty conscious if I didn't pursue the cause of banning this so called Sport,' added Margaret.

'Just the fact that the Minister for Agriculture will not exempt hunting with dogs from the new Animal Welfare Bill is shocking enough but that he allows this to be called Sport is outrageous – after all we are in the 21st century!

'Kas is getting better with tiny steps but the way to recovery will be a very long one. We wonder if he ever will be the same dog again as nobody can tell us how he will digest this horrendous attack mentally. Kas fights so hard for his life that I fell responsible to fight equally hart for the ban.

Margaret noted that the place where the attack took place is not only a public Coillte forest but also an area of special conservation.

'If we want to cut a tree on our own land accessing the forest we would need permission.

'So please, can the Minister of Agriculture explain to the public how he can allow such beasts to roam the woods and leave blood traces in an extent we can't even imagine.'

Head master for Carlow Farmers Hunt Joe Dunne said he wouldn't be making a comment on the matter as it is now under investigation by the Gardaí and the Irish Master Fox Hound Association.

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