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St Leo's

Published 06/11/2012 | 19:20

BUSY term: It has been an extremely busy term for both staff and students.

The school has just come through a Whole School Evaluation by the Department of Education and Skills known as the MLL. During oral feedback to staff and the Board of Management the inspectors used the word 'exemplary' on a number of occasions when referring to student behaviour subject and lesson plans, our annual report and the quality of student leadership etc. They were very impressed with the results of surveys of student and parents that clearly demonstrated the very high regard that each of the above have for St. Leo's.

They complimented the excellent relationships that exist between management and staff and inter staff relations. They had high praise also for the ancillary staff in the school and their contribution to the school community. However even though the inspection is over, the school Principal M/s Ryan states unequivocally that St. Leo's continues to pursue excellence, day in day out, as demanded by its own mission statement.

The school therefore looks forward in particular to our Open Evening on Wednesday, November 7, when the school has an opportunity to showcase all it has to offer to the wider public and in particular to 6th class girls and their parents who are invited into the school on that night. There will be organised tours of the school where the girls and their parents will have an opportunity to discuss the many opportunities that St. Leo's has to offer with management, staff and of course the students of St. Leo's. They can visit the science labs where live science demonstrations will be taking place as well as visiting many other specialist rooms including language lab, art rooms, geography room, Home Economics kitchens and technology lab. In each they will meet eager students and staff only too willing to discuss all aspects of life in St. Leo's be it academic, sporting or cultural.

As they wander along the corridors they might observe the work of the many clubs and societies that adorn the walls and presses of the school. There are over 40 clubs and societies in the school ranging from Athletics to.St. Vincent De Paul

is the evening will conclude with the Principal's Address. This will take place in the magnificent school gym. It will be preceded by a short concert. This will include music by both the school orchestra and the school traditional group. The award winning Chamber Choir, recently featured on RTE television and Lyric FM will also contribute .

Open Evening: Open evening in St. Leo's takes place tomorrow, Wednesday November 7, between 6 p.m - 9 p.m

Sixth class girls and their parents from the surrounding area are particularly invited to attend. There will be organised escorted tours of the school where prospective students and their parents will have an opportunity to engage with management, staff and most importantly present students of the school. The Principal's Address will take place at 8'o clock sharp in the school gym. It will be preceded by a short concert.

Choir: The Chamber choir jof St Leo's made a significant contribution to the 'Go Music' fundraising project for music in Carlow at the GBS Theatre. Some girls also played with the band, sang with Aspiro and played in Majella Swan's orchestra.

The choir performance was quite special and the girls were an absolute credit to the school, truly engaging with the community outreach project. They were very well received . It was said that special guest artist Pat Byrne, the Voice of Ireland, was 'blown away' by the performance.

The chamber choir recently featured on the RTE All Ireland Choirs programme and once again gave an outstanding performance. They all so featured recently on the Lyric FM daytime programme. Well done to the choir and their musical director Mr Ian Curran

Maths: The Maths Department celebrated Maths Week which ran for a week in late October. 2nd years participated in a table quiz and there was a Maths Scavanager Hunt for first years at lunchtime Transition Year students competed in a 'Fai-To' on Mangahigh.

St.Leo's Equine Genetics Talk: Dr. Emmeline Hill, a genomics scientist who specialises in equine genetics delivered a talk on her studies in St. Leo's College Carlow Thursday October 25. Dr.Hill is a co-founder along with Jim Bolger ( racehorse trainer )of Equinome. Dr. Hill has a B.A in genetics as well as a Ph.D in molecular population genetics from T.C.D. The scientist leads the Equine exercise genomics research group at the College of Agriculture, Food Science and Veterinary Medicine in UCD. Those attending the lecture included 4th and 5th year science students as well as members of St. Leo's Equestrian club.The students were introduced to the basics of equine genetics. The students of were amazed to discover that if all the letters for the genetic bases within the nucleus of each cell of a horse were typed out in a line it would be enough information to stretch from Dublin to Boston. From Dr Hill's research it can now be determined how fast a racehorse will be before it is even trained. By testing the horse's genes which it inherited from its parents, the horse can be categorised into being suitable for short distance, middle distance or long distance racing. If the horses possess the CC type genes it will be most skilled at running short distances. If the horse had inherited CT genes it will be most suited to middle distance races. If the horse is known to have the TT gene it will be naturally accustomed to running long distances races. With the help of Dr. Emmeline Hill's talk the St.Leo's girls are already on a fast track to more knowledge

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