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Repeated calls for public to reject property tax

Published 29/01/2013 | 12:16

ON THE 17th January, the Credit Unions' 'What's Left' survey found that just under 1.6 million people in this country have €50 or less to spend at the end of the month once all bills have been paid.

The same survey also found that 41% of people surveyed are worried about the impact the new property tax will have on them and their families, with 90% saying they have been negatively impacted by the rising energy costs.

It is quite clear from this research that the government's policy of targeting low and middle income people is not only pushing more and more people to the brink, but it is also helping to strangle Ireland's economy.

' The government keep encouraging people to start spending again. If 1.5 million people only have €50 or less per month to play around with, how can we start spending? We are on a road to nowhere, and going around in circles.' said local CAHWT Kevin Brady.

He went on to say, ' The property tax must be defeated. If not, we run the risk of throwing thousands & thousands of Irish families below or further below the poverty line.

'We are hereby calling on all the people of Carlow and indeed, Ireland, to stand together and fight this "morally wrong, unjust and unfair" tax – to use the words of Enda Kenny.'

Keith Gilligan another local campaigner added: 'People may be thinking that because they're in local authority housing or private renting that this doesn't affect them – think again.

This tax will reach most people in the form of rent increases if left unchallenged.

Local authorities under the new legislation are being asked to pay for their housing stocks and across the country are proposing rent increases, and some private landlords have already told tenants to expect a rent increase of 10% in areas of Dublin.'

If you oppose the tax, whether you have paid or not, get in touch with your local campaign now and offer your support. Email:, or Call: 085 7221668

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