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Presentation College, Carlow

Published 22/01/2013 | 15:35


A tudent's view -by Erin Kelso, Michele Walsh, Jack Hickey and Jordan Naughton (Transition Year)

On Thursday 10th January, all Transition Year students from Presentation College, Carlow took a trip to visit the BT Young Scientist Exhibition, accompanied by three of their science teachers. The RDS was packed with enthusiastic science lovers - mostly students from schools bringing a multitude of accents and variety of uniforms to the exhibition.

The main arena was lined with aisle upon aisle of projects and displays of great ideas from some of the brightest minds from all over the country. The projects ranged from 'reducing fruit flies in compost' and a 'pellet burner with reduced emissions' to a 'device for helping people with Parkinson's disease walk more smoothly' and an exhaustive study of how 'water can be changed after exposure to powerful magnetic fields'. But on our walk by, recurring themes seemed to be "green" thinking and saving money, agricultural solutions and helping people.

Branching off the main exhibition arena were the Science and Technology area, the Primary School Area, the BT Area, Eco zone and much more. There was a non-stop display of experiments, some disgusting, some explosive, all exciting! There were driving simulators, Robot Wars and of course Titan the 8 foot robot from hell who could walk, talk dance, sing, tell jokes, pick things (like students!) up and have a conversation. He was truly awesome.

There was the state of the art 'Garda Station in a Van', new sports cars, a small tornado, snakes, remote controlled everything, Intel personnel in their white clean-room suits, competitions, radio stations, banks, college stands, media, skeleton bones, music, chatter, heat, food smells and famous people. It was hot and loud and very crowded, there were long queues for food but more than anything, the entire RDS bristled with excitement. This wasn't just for scientists - there was learning and wonder for everyone. We had a great day, something different and we look forward to going again next year!

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