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Knockbeg College

Published 15/01/2013 | 11:25

MONACO TRIP: It's not every day you get the opportunity to visit Monaco, one of the richest places in the world and present your ideas on innovation in the Irish tourism sector to the CEOs of major corporations from around the world.

This year's GTTP student conference was held from the 17th to the 22nd of November at the Le Meridian Beach Plaza. Students from every corner of the globe came to represent their country and showcase their ideas.

Our initial winning case- study, on how PaddyWagon tours provide a unique and innovative service to tourists in this country, lead to us preparing a 40- minute presentation to showcase the idea to the other representatives , directors of the GTTP and other important people in the tourism business who were in attendance, such as the CEOs of KDS and Hertz.

The trip was a mix of business and fun, with the trip also being our reward for winning. We had planned activities during the day when the conference wasn't in progress and after dinner we had free time. We visited Nice and had organised tours of the city of Monte Carlo.

On the last night we were given a wonderful opportunity to talk to some of the most successful people in the tourism business. We had formal dinner with the CEOs and representatives from the sponsoring corporations, like Hertz, Lufthansa and Starwood Hotel group, who shared their opinions on the state of the industry and talked to us about how they managed to become so successful.

This trip changed how we viewed and understood tourism and helped us to develop a keener interest in the tourism business, but from this trip we made many friends and contacts, some that will remain with us for years to come.

This trip was an unforgettable experience.


The Christmas season was in full swing on the 21st of December and the music students along Mr. O Shaughnessy were busy tuning up and getting in some last minute rehearsals. Everyone then packed in to the Knockbeg bus and headed in to St. Dympna's Psychiatric Hospital in Carlow for the annual Knockbeg carol service. Weeks of preparation had gone into organizing a choir from first and second year students, a band from students of all years and don't forget the many soloists.

After a quick set up in the hospital, the Christmas carols began with 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer' which got everyone singing including staff and patients. It was then the soloist's time to show off their talent, musicians from all genres of music from rock to classical to traditional performed. The carols ended with a peaceful rendition of 'Silent Night'. To end the day, there was a can of coke and packet of crisps for all the students which was very well received.


This year, a group of transition year Art students under the direction of their Art teacher, Ms. Dawson designed and painted the school windows with Christmas designs which depicted many traditional and animated characters from wellknown films. They added great colour and festivity to the school surroundings. This gave the TY students a platform to showcase their artistic talent to the school.


The transition year classes went on a gallery trip, organised by their art teacher, Ms Dawson, to the Visual Art Centre in Carlow, as part of their art course. The main exhibition was called "An Oasis of Horror in a Desert of Boredom". The different artists who worked on this were Brian Maguire, Teresa Margolles, Lisa Bjorne Linnert, Mark McLoughlin, and Lanka Haouche Perren.

The aim of the exhibition was to highlight the murder and rape of young and old women near the American border of Mexico. It was very informative and interesting and yet an emotional exhibition.


The Knockbeg College Irish debating team have successfully secured a position in the the 3rd round of the Gael Linn Irish Debating Competition 'Comórtas an Phiarsaigh 2013'. The first round took place on the 14th of November at home in Knockbeg College. The team was organised by Ms. Ní Chuilinn, an Irish teacher in Knockbeg two weeks before the first round. For the debate 3 speakers were needed along with a substitute who helps with research on the topic and learns all the speeches in case one of the others is unable to speak.

The first speaker is the captain of the team and has to define the motion along with describing the main points that the second and third speakers will talk about. The second and third speakers have to present different arguments to why they are right as well as rebutting the opposition's points. The captain of the Knockbeg debating team is Michael Whelan, the second speaker is Michael Kennedy, the third speaker is Conor Stapleton and the substitute is Conor Johnston who are all in 3rd year. The motion of the first debate was 'Pop culture is a bad culture' and Knockbeg where arguing the affirmative. Knockbeg progressed from this round along with St. Ciarán's Collge, Kilkenny.

The motion of second debate was 'It is right to fire Trapattoni' and Knockbeg had to oppose this motion. Again, Knockbeg progressed along with St. Ciarán's to the next round. The next round will take place in January and we hope 'go mbeadh an mbua againn'.

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