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Coláiste Lorcáin

Published 11/12/2012 | 12:47

MACBETH: On Thursday 29th November Coláiste Lorcáin students were treated to a rendition of Macbeth by 'Boil in the Bag Productions' and directed by Orlaith Rafter (Robin Doyle in 'Fair City') and Eamonn Owens (Francie Brady in The Butcher Boy).

As part of their English Leaving Cert course, all senior students, regardless of ability, study Macbeth, one of Shakespeare's most infamous tragedies. Boil in the Bag were to perform some the key scenes from the play for what would be an emotive revision for 6th years and a compelling introduction to the 5th years who had not studied the drama yet. 5th and 6th year English students assembled in the school hall for what would prove to be a riveting, educational and highly entertaining performance.

The stage was set with very few props and the Shakespearean trained actors already on stage with their backs to the audience. Above the clamour of teenage voices there was a palpable tension in the air. The effect of having the actors visible on stage immediately brought the audience into the moment. The play opened with an audio-visual presentation, a technique that was put to excellent use by the production company, and the scene wherein we first meet Lady Macbeth.

The testy moment when the audience sizes up the characters, the vital moment that can decide the success of a performance was handled like a pro. The parties on both sides of the curtain were eager for a performance and a performance they got. The character of Lady Macbeth was magnificently portrayed. The machiavellian other half of Macbeth quite simply stole the first half of the show, as was her wont being the Lady Macbeth. Of course Macbeth was equally convincingly portrayed and came became much more the "butcher" in the latter part of the performance.

As Boil in the Bag Productions were only doing the key scenes from the drama and condesing them into a 90 minute performance, they had the unenviable task of selecting the most important scenes without losing the coherency of their arrangement. This difficulty was hadnled with ease. The setting of the text in a contemporary universe was inspired. It allowed the actors a break from such intense Shakesperean dialogue and explore the key themes and ideas in a light humoured fashion.

The trials and tribulations of 'Lady M and Mackers' as they desperately tried to win the 'Rap Factor' was informal, highly accessible and often very funny. The rap that the duo shared midway through the performance that summarised the plot was met with immediate applause. Overall the combination of the classic key scenes followed by the contemporary catchup and loosely interspersed with audio-visual displays to fill in any gaps worked incredibly well.

Afterwards Coláiste Lorcáin students were afforded the opportunity to discuss theplay with the actors and directors. This was a greatly beneficial excercise in which small debates would arise between audience and cast causing both parties to contemplate new ways of thinking about 'Macbeth'. Complex issues arose and were discussed in great depth challenging all and inspiring new ideas. After the performance the students felt a great deal more prepared to face an exam question on Macbeth especially one on how relevant the play is to modern life and modern thinking.


Coláiste Lorcáin, Parish Choir & Friends present 'Carols Old and New' on Thursday Dec 20th at 8pm in Coláiste Lorcáin. Tickets are available in school and on night at door 7 euro adult, 5 for students and OAPs. Acts include Coláiste Lorcáin choir and soloists, Regina Hanley ,the parish choir, The Wolsely Singers and Brian Keogh.


On the 5th and 6th of November Coláiste Lorcáin welcomed pupils from the local national schools of Castledermot, Levistown, Kilkea, Moone and Crookstown to the science labs. Assisted by the TY group, these pupils spent the day doing experiments which they thoroughly enjoyed.

The students really enjoyed using the equipment and seeing real experiments taking place. Ivan O'Reilly, David Horan, Alesi Horan and Michaela Corrigan, all TY students in Coláiste Lorcáin, acted as lab assistants and monitors . The TYs reported having really enjoyed the experience and loved teaching the younger pupils who they kitted out in lab coats and goggles. The younger pupils learned to plan and do experiments. All agreed it was an invaluable experience. We hope to have this as an ongoing project for our local national schools.

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